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Colin Beveridge of Flying Colours Maths
“Have you ever been set an algebraic equation and just sat there scratching your head?”

If so, you’re not alone. Many – probably most – of the students who come to me for help are struggling with algebra. It’s not an easy topic for most people.

But it doesn’t have to be so difficult! Like most problems, once you break it down into simple steps, it’s much easier than it looks at first. And I wanted to make it easy for more people.

So, I enlisted my talented brother, Stuart – winner of a Golden Lion at the Cannes Advertising Festival and all round design genius – to help put together a beginner’s guide to the subject.

Stuart Beveridge of The Chase

The idea was to turn ‘traditional’ maths textbooks on their heads.

Out with the dull, heavy-as-a-brick, purely functional books that have barely changed style since your parents were at school; in with something small, beautiful and focussed on helping you understand the single, most important rule of algebra: whatever you do to one side, you have to do to the other.

And that’s what we’ve come up with – a gorgeous, engaging little maths book that can serve as a teaching tool or as a reminder of the ideas behind algebra.

We hope you’ll like it.

Unfortunately, the Little Algebra Book is not currently on sale online. You can email Colin for details of how to get hold of one.

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